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  I can't believe the difference in how my kitchen looks now from when we started just a week ago. It turned out better than I could have ever hoped or imagined. My Kitchen My Way did a fantastic job. - Denise Conrad, Fayetteville, NC  
  What is Most Important

In today's world, every aspect of daily living should inherently strive to be eco-friendly. Refacing, by definition, is a green solution to kitchen remodeling.  My Kitchen My Way reuses 90% of your existing cabinetry, and recycle virtually 100% of your old materials. Even the adhesives we use in the process of renewing your kitchen are some of the most environmentally friendly adhesives available.

But, by far, it's the manufacturer we use to supply your new kitchen products that is innovating at the pinnacle of green technologies. All of your new doors and drawer fronts, along with the other associated products, are produced using the latest green practices.

Green Practices - Green Products

Those practices start with sustainable forests. Most of the lumber is sourced from Forest Steward Council certified forests in Pennsylvania, logged in a manner that maintains the health of the forest while guaranteeing a steady supply of lumber for generations to come.

Once logs arrive at the millworks, steps are taken to insure minimal waste in the milling process. A state of the art scanning system utilizing high-speed digital photography and ultrasound (to identify both surface and internal defects) insures minimal waste. By employing a proprietary grading system, lasers, and thin blade technology, yields are further enhanced. Once the lumber is milled, the doors, drawer fronts, drawers, moulding, etc are assembled and ready to be finished.

To insure minimal impact on the environment, more state of the art practices are used in the finishing process. Finishes are constantly reformulated to reduce VOC and HAP emissions. All finish byproducts are sent through a centrifuge to remove hazardous waste. Applying stains and glazes by hand to minimize waste and airborne pollutants, which also happens to produce a richer finish than spraying.

Virtually every byproduct from the entire manufacturing process is recycled.  Waste is converted into composite building material, cattle bedding, and even wood pellets for heat generation.  The manufacturer recycles many other products as well in day to day operations, such as fluorescent light bulbs, batteries, ink cartridges and all types of paper and cardboard.

Finally, our manufacturer also has day-to-day practices to support a healthy environment. Utilizing paperless technology has saved over 2 million sheets of paper since implementation.  They also believe in the health of our surrounding communities, donating trees to surrounding cities to beautify city landscapes.

If you are interested in finding out more about how My Kitchen My Way uses environmentally friendly products and processes, please contact us for a Complimentary Kitchen Consultation.


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